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In Aspen speech, Ritter defends his roadless position   The Aspen Times (12/19/2009)

Judge Halts Timber Sale in Alaska Roadless Area   New York Times (12/9/2009)

Feds 'No' on Crested Butte expansion worries industry   The Aspen Times (12/6/2009)

Aspen symposium will put focus on health of the forest   The Glenwood Springs Post Independent (12/4/2009)

Coalition gives ski areas environmental report card   The Durango Herald (12/2/2009)

GOP candidates pledge unity   Steamboat Today (11/30/2009)

Logging set for areas hit by pine beetle infestation   The Steamboat Pilot (11/29/09)

Senators introduce bill aimed at bark beetle infestation   E & E News PM (11/23/2009)

Snodgrass at odds with 'public interest' - CBMR plans to fight Forest Service's denial   Gunnison Country Times (11/12/2009)

Extensive logging proposed near Breckenridge   The Summit Daily News (11/11/2009)

Ski-resort expansion at Crested Butte nixed   Denver Post (11/10/2009)

Roadless-less: The campaign to protect unroaded forests gets torn apart by a Wyoming judge...   High Country News (11/9/2009)

Feds, environmental groups argue for roadless rule   The Aspen Times (11/4/2009)

Gunnison County mining town faces an uncertain future   The Durango Herald (11/3/2009)

CDPHE head Martin takes over for Sherman as natural resources director   The Colorado Independent (10/26/09)

Reactions mixed on appointment   Billings Gazette (10/24/2009)

Groups Rally To End Tongass Forest Timber Sales   The Huffington Post (10/23/2009)

Roadless rule bill: the timing is right, so just pass it   The New West (10/22/2009)

Beetle kill plan won't be 'clearcut' but it will leave a mark   The Aspen Daily News (10/16/2009)

Obama admin's roadless policy could hinge on Tongass decision   E & E News (10/15/2009)

Senate confirms USDA undersecretary, CFTC picks   E & E News (10/9/2009)

Oregon officials ask Obama administration to protect roadless forests   The Oregonian (10/6/2009)

Colorado roadless rules draw flood of comments   Denver Post (10/02/2009)

Lawmakers introduce bill to codify roadless rule   E & E News (10/1/2009)

Senate quizzes Forest Service   The Durango Herald (10/01/09)

Vilsasck appreciates 'unique situation' driving Colorado on roadless rule wildfire mitigation  The Colorado Independent (9/29/2009)

Vilsack on hand as Vail, Forest Service team up to clean up Hayman fire area   The Colorado Independent (9/28/2009)

Forest health logging debate rages on   Summit Daily News (9/26/2009)

Colorado official loses final say on forest rule   The Durango Herald (9/20/2009)

Colorado Roadless Rule Update   NPR (9/16/2009)

Garfield County gives its official support to Thompson Divide Coalition's work   Glenwood Springs Post Independent (9/15/2009)

Forest chief Nominee will uphold rules, Vilsack says   The Bend Bulletin (9/15/2009)

Coloradan tapped to lead Forest Service   The Durango Herald (9/11/2009)

Sherman up for Ag post   Denver Post (9/11/2009)

Love it,  hate it: Conservationists split on Sherman pick to head USFS   The Colorado Independent (9/10/2009)

State Rep. Bradford pushes mine development despite methane concerns   The Colorado Independent (9/3/2009)

Colorado State of Mind: Environmental Protections in Colorado   State Bill Colorado (8/29/2009)

Ninth circuit affirms reinstatement of roadless rule   Northwest HUB (8/27/2009)

Vail blaze illustrates need for defensible space, roadless rule changes, state says   Real Vail (8/17/2009)

Obama asks court to block forest road building   The Daily Reporter (8/14/2009)

Agriculture Secretary Vilsack presents national vision for America's forests   USDA (8/14/2009)

Vilsack talks environment during Colorado visit   The Colorado Statesman (8/14/2009)

Federal notice filed to challenge judge on roadless areas   Denver Post (8/14/2009)

Obama admin dips toe into legal fray over conflicting roadless rule decisions   The Colorado Independent (8/14/2009)

Obama administration defends 2001 roadless rule   LA Times (8/13/2009)

Obama administration takes legal action to uphold roadless rule   ENS (8/13/2009)

Colo. determined to push ahead with state roadless rule   E & E News - Land Letter (8/13/2009)

Vilsack earns green brownies points on biochar, Colorado roadless rule   The Colorado Independent (8/12/2009)

Vilsack doubts roadless rule   The Durango Herald (8/11/2009)

U.S. plans roadless forests guideline   Denver Post (8/11/2009)

Colorado roadless rule key to wildfire mitigation, ski-area expansion, state says   Real Vail (8/10/2009)

Colorado will map roadless direction   Denver Post (8/8/2009)

Court restores restrictions on road-building in national forests   LA Times (8/6/2009)

Court upholds ban on U.S. forest roads   The Washington Times (8/6/2009)

Western AGs score major environmental victory   Legal Newsline (8/6/2009)

Roadless Decision Reaction   NPR (8/6/2009)

Despite federal ruling, Colorado sticks to its guns on roadless rule   The Colorado Independent (8/6/2009)

Court ends Bush-era road-building in forests   Reuters (8/5/2009)

Coal mining, ski expansion allowed under propose 'roadless' rule   Grand Junction Free Press (8/5/2009)

Conservationists quick to criticize Colorado's revised roadless rule   The Colorado Independent (8/4/2009)

Wildfire a hot topic in latest CO roadless rule   Public News Service (8/4/2009)

Gov. Ritter offers roadless rule   Denver Post (8/4/2009)

Deal marks first timber sale in roadless area under Obama   Juneau Empire (7/15/2009)

Ritter revisits Colorado forest plan   Denver Post (7/14/2009)

Ritter seeking comments about roadless forests   The Durango Herald (7/14/2009)

Ritter puts revised Colorado roadless rule back on the drawing board   The Colorado Independent (7/14/2009)

Judge slaps Forest Service for lack of conservation   Summit Daily News (7/13/2009)

Groups urge federal intervention into Colo. roadless rule process   E & E News Land Letter (7/10/2009)

Recreation interests call for stronger roadless protection   Summit Daily News (6/24/2009)

Groups ask Obama to nix roadless plans   Aspen Daily News (6/15/2009)

Directive limits activity in roadless areas of forests   New York Times (5/28/2009)

Feds brake on roadless rules, Colorado will move ahead   Denver Post (5/28/2009)

Road-building in National Forests halted for one year   Huffington Post (5/28/2009)

Time-out on roadless rule?   Summit Daily News (4/24/2009)

New coalition suggests careful approach to pine beetle epidemic   Aspen Daily News (4/22/2009)

Group forms to prevent gas development southwest of Carbondale   Glenwood Springs Post Independent (4/9/2009)

A natural alliance, finally   New West (4/2/2009)

Enviros want Obama's Final Four to remain roadless   The Colorado Independent (3/19/2009)

Colorado pursues roadless plan amid questions   Glenwood Springs Independent (2/19/2009)

BLM completes limited Colo. lease sale   E & E News (2/13/2009)

Unions, wolves, others may benefit as Bush's midnight rule changes are frozen by Obama   Associated Press (1/21/2009)

Summit County: USFS revisits enviro studies around Wildernest logging   Summit Daily News (1/19/2009)

Officials still tying up roadless rule loose ends   Craig Daily Press (1/17/2009)

Forest Service yanks back proposed energy leases in roadless areas   Daily Camera (12/29/2008)

Whoops - oil, gas lease area includes roadless zone   Rocky Mountain News (12/22/2008)

Political changes felt at forest level in Summit County   Summit Daily News (12/15/2008)

Ritter slows down Bush roadless rule; conservationists cheer   The Colorado Independent (12/10/2008)

State hopes to slow roadless rule   Cortez Journal (12/6/2009)

Colo. roadless rule stumped for time   Denver Post (12/5/2009)

California judge lifts ban on logging, drilling in Colorado   Rocky Mountain News (12/4/2008)

Roadless rule hurtling down Bush fast-track   The Colorado Independent (12/3/2008)

Roadless no more   Forest Magazine (12/3/2008)

Roadless decision expected before new administration   KUNC 91.5 (12/02/2008)

Roadless rule awaits Obama decision   Durango Herald (11/18/2008)

Colorado roadless rule deliberations coming to a head   The Colorado Independent (11/18/2008)

Thompson Creek area t risk under roadless rules   Aspen Times (11/13/2008)

Forest Service echoes concern over Ritter plan   Aspen Daily News (11/11/2008)

Wildlife land plan raise doubts   Denver Post (11/10/2008)

Time to codify the roadless rule   New West (11/6/2008)

Can outdoor recreation and energy sector coexist on Colorado's Western Slope?   The Colorado Independent (10/29/2008)

Boatload of letters for forest protections delivered   Denver Post (10/23/2008)

Federal government gets about 140000 comments on roadless plan   Glenwood Springs Post Independent (10/23/2008)

Roadless area backers make mass appeal to Forest Service   Grand Junction Sentinel (10/23/2008)

"Boatload" of roadless rule comments to capsize on Capitol steps   The Colorado Independent (10/22/2008)

Deadlines near for Roadless area comment   Ouray News (10/15/2008)

(Editorial) Keep roadless plan intact   Grand Junction Daily Sentinel (10/10/2008)

Poll: Delay action on proposed state roadless rule   Grand Junction Daily Sentinel (10/8/2008)

Forest Service Rolls Out Plan for Colorado Roadless Areas   Colorado Public Radio (10/1/2008)

Lack of inspectors leads BLM to shut down work on pipeline   Grand Junction Sentinel (9/23/2008)

Environmentalists Question Roads in Roadless Areas   New West (9/16/2008)

Will new roadless rules help?   Vail Daily (9/14/2008)

Valley residents given look at roadless area rules   Glenwood Springs Post Independent (9/11/2008)

Open house gives residents look at proposed roadless rule   The Aspen Times (9/11/2008)

WRNF roadless rules go on display   The Aspen Daily News (9/11/2008)

Western Slope residents questioning proposed roadless rule for Colorado   Montrose Daily Press (9/10/2008)

News Briefs: Enviro groups decry roadless rule changes   Norwood Post (9/10/2008)

Roadless areas come under threat in Bush’s waning days   The Colorado Independent (9/10/2008)

U.S. Forest plans are expected to increase gas drilling   KJCT News 9 ABC Grand Junction (9/10/08)

Forests could get long-term roads   Grand Junction Sentinel (9/9/2008)

Where is Congress on Roadless issue?   Ouray News (9/5/08)

ROCC bus travels to roadless event   Ouray News (9/5/08)

Forest Service Impact Study Would Designate 5.7 Million Acres for Road Building in Idaho   BNA Natural Resources (9/4/08)

Forest Service to discuss roadless area management   The Aspen Times (9/3/08)

Our View (editorial): Idaho groups' roadless plan should be commended   Idaho Statesman (9/3/08)

Editorial: Idaho salvages roadless policy   The Seattle Times (9/3/08)

Diann Ritschard: Colorado’s Roadless Rule   Steamboat Pilot (8/31/08)

Truce Is Reached in Battle Over Idaho Forest Land   New York Times (8/30/08)

State drafting own Roadless Rule   The Monte Vista Journal (8/27/08)

Defining state's forests: Conservationists, industry at odds over fate of 300,000 roadless acres   The Denver Post (8/27/08)

Editorial: Legislative Lessons: Roadless Rules   Seattle Post-Intelligencer (8/25/08)

Our View (editorial): Beetles teach balance   Steamboat Pilot (8/24/08)

Managing leases in roadless areas confusing   Grand Junction Sentinel (8/24/08)

Event focuses on roadless rule   The Coloradoan (8/24/08)

Roadless Rule Takes Another U-Turn   New West (Missoula, MT) (8/23/08)

Roadless plan called ‘purposely’ vague   The Pueblo Chieftain (8/22/08)

Bush admin wades into roadless rule legal mess   Greenwire (8/22/08)

GMUG Forest Plan delayed longer   Delta County Independent (8/21/08)

Residents say roadless rule leaves too much room   Durango Herald (8/21/08)

Forest Service will present roadless plan tonight   Denver Post (8/21/08)

Roadless rules concern group   Craig Daily Press (8/21/08)

Roadless meeting draws comments   Valley Courier (8/20/08)

Editorial: There Ought to Be a Roadless Law   New York Times (8/20/08)

National Forest roadless review begins   Summit Daily News (8/19/08)

Groups plan fight against draft rules for forests   The Grand Junction Daily Sentinel (8/19/08)

Editorial: Move forward on roadless plan   The Denver Post (8/19/08)

Roadless rule draws criticism   Colorado Springs Gazette (8/18/08)

Federal Court Rules Against Western Road Building Ban   Natural Gas Intelligence (8/18/08)

Comments sought on plan for roadless areas in forests   Pueblo Chieftain (8/17/08)

Open House set on Roadless Rule   The Del Norte Prospector (8/14/08)

Roadless debate lands in Durango   The Durango Telegraph (8/14/08)

District Judge in Wyoming Again Overturns 2001 Roadless Rule Banning Development   BNA (8/13/08)

U.S. Judge in Wyoming Rules Against Ban on Forest Roads   New York Times (8/12/08)

Federal judge in Wyo. overturns 'roadless rule'   Associated Press (8/12/08)

Proposed FS roadless rule for Colorado rouses criticism   Public Lands News (8/8/08)

HD Mountains drilling set to begin   The Durango Telegraph (8/7/08)

Plan would limit roads in forests statewide   Colorado Springs Gazette (8/3/08)

Federal panel weighs in on Colo. forest plan   Associated Press (7/31/08)

Road plan for forests debated   Denver Post (7/31/08)

Roadless rule due review: Conservationists still pushing for stronger version   Rocky Mountain News (7/28/08)

Roadless plan for Colo. up for review   Summit Daily News (7/27/08)

Over 42,000 acres in WRNF might be opened for drilling   Glenwood Springs Post Independent (7/24/08)

Forest Service releases draft EIS for Colo. roadless plan   E&E News PM [via Greenwire] (7/23/08)

Forest plan full of holes, critics say   Denver Post (7/23/08)

Environmental group: Ritter forest plan backfired   Aspen Times (7/23/08)

Pew Environmental Group says Gov. Ritter's drilling plan backfired   Daily Camera (7/23/08)

Pew Environmental Group: Ritter's forest plan allowed for gas leasing   Glenwood Springs Post Independent (7/23/08)

97 forest leases couth go through despite Ritter plan   Grand Junction Sentinel (7/23/08)

Court ruling clears way for gas pipeline in some roadless forest in western Colorado  Rocky Mountain News (6/21/08)

Enviros can't stop Bull Mountain Pipeline   Grand Junction Sentinel (6/19/08)

Oil and Gas: BLM's lease sale plan for Roan Plateau parcels sparks outcry  Land Letter (6/12/08)

Wildlife supporters at COGCC meeting say wildlife and energy development can coexist  Grand Junction Daily Sentinel (6/10/08)

Judge stops Colorado pipeline work  Aspen Times (6/7/08)

The rush to drill: BLM pushes for oil and gas exploration in sensitive areas  Durango Telegraph (6/5/08)

Articles published before June 1, 2008



The next chapter in protecting Colorado wilderness   Denver Post (10/5/2009)

Don't sacrifice the Tongass for the tress   The Huffington Post (10/22/2009)

A new vision for America's forests   The Denver Post (9/13/2009)

Coloradan to be in charge of National Forests   The Durango Herald (9/11/2009)

Wheels of destruction   The Aspen Times (9/5/2009)

A victory for forests   Las Vegas Sun (8/12/2009)

A win for the backcountry   SF Gate (8/7/2009)

Ritter makes right call on forest plan   Durango Herald (7/16/2009)

Who will protect the forests?   New York Times (5/6/2009)

Obama should restore roadless area conservation rule   Herald Net (2/15/2009)

Ritter team working to preserve Colorado wildlife   Denver Post (1/17/2009)

Barker: No end in sight for the roadless debate   Record Searchlight (Redding, CA) (9/29/08)

Washington takes aim at Colorado's backcountry   Denver Post (8/10/08)

Colorado roadless areas deserve as much protection as other states'   Grand Junction Sentinel (7/28/08)

Colorado loses in Roan plan  Denver Post (6/10/08)

Op-eds published before June 1, 2008


Letters to the editor

Greatest good for the greatest number   Denver Post (10/24/2009)

The public need not give up any land   Durango Herald News (9/28/2009)

Vail daily letter: Supports wilderness expansion   The Vail Daily (8/23/2009)

Revising Colorado's roadless rule   Denver Post (8/11/2009)

Preserve the wilderness   The Aspen Times (8/7/2009)

Which Colorado roadless rule will protect untrammeled land?   Examiner (3/13/2009)

Colorado's future depends on thoughtful roadless rule   Denver Post (3/12/2009)

Wildlife at stake in roadless rule   Citizen Telegram (12/18/2009)

Outdoor recreation as important as drilling   Aspen Daily News Online (9/23/08)

Protect our forests   Boulder Daily Camera (9/18/08)

Protective regulations soon to be removed   Glenwood Springs Post Independent (8/28/08)

Protect our forests   Boulder Daily Camera (9/18/08)

Right idea, wrong show   Denver Post (8/27/08)

Colorado needs to act to protect roadless areas   Grand Junction Sentinel (8/19/08)

Letters to the editor published before June 1, 2008

Press Releases

USDA Forest Service Launches Collaborative Process for New Planning Rule   (12/17/2009)

Colorado to seek comments on revisions to roadless rule   (7/13/2009)

Cantwell, Inslee continue fight to protect roadless areas on public lands   (10/01/2009)

Gov. Ritter statement on Harris Sherman nomination   (9/10/2009)

Brown wins "roadless rule" victory, protecting 40 million acres of forest land from development   (8/5/2009)

U.S. Court of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit ruling on roadless rule   (8/5/2009)

Pew Environmental Group statement on Colorado's roadless plan for national forests   (8/3/2009)

Colorado to seek comments on revisions to roadless rule   (7/13/2009)

Governor makes wise decision for Colorado's forests   (12/05/2008)

TWS responds to Bush’s latest court moves against “roadless rule” (08/21/08)

Proposed Colorado Roadless Rule and Draft Environmental Impact Statement Open Houses Planned across State
United States Forest Service (8/5/08)

Udall Statement on BLM Decision to Lease Roan Plateau in August (06/09/08)

Senator Salazar's Comments on Roan Lease Sale Announcement (06/09/08)

Gov. Ritter Statement on BLM Decision to Issue Roan Leases in August (06/09/08)

Press releases published before June 1, 2008