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Press releases

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Articles published before June 1, 2008

BLM Deferred 82% of Colorado Lease Sale Acreage  Natural Gas Intelligence (5/12/08)

Energy Development: 'It's David vs. Godzilla'  Summit Daily News (5/17/08)

Oil, gas industry wants to split up proposed Colorado rules overhaul  Aspen Times (5/2/08)

Judge denies motion to block gas pipeline in Colorado roadless area  Aspen Times (5/2/08)

Colo. officials weigh in on auction of oil, gas leases  Associated Press (4/23/08)

Proposed oil, gas leases in southern Colorado net protests  Associated Press (4/22/08)

Summit a green light for alliance  Associated Press (4/22/08)

Rocky Mountain Roadless Ruckus  The Roadless Report (3/21/08)

Pitkin County, environmental groups sue feds over pipeline  Aspen Daily News (3/6/08)

Rey: States that back roadless forests should pay for fire costs  Associated Press (3/6/08)

Report: Manage Colorado forests  Casper Star-Tribune (2/22/08)

EPA raises concerns about Colorado's roadless plan  Summit Daily News (2/20/08)

A decade later, roadless plans going in circles  Aspen Daily News (2/17/08)

Enviros win one on drilling near Carbondale  Aspen Times (1/31/08)

Groups sue to stop gas drilling in HDs  Durango Herald (1/24/08)

Environmentalists object to gas line planned in roadless areas Denver Post (1/9/08)

U.S. Forest Service plans to lift roadless area protections Environment News Service (12/31/07)

Comment sought on roadless proposal Ouray News (12/28/07)

State may soften its roadless stance Denver Post (12/27/07)

Feds open environmental analysis of Colorado roadless forests Denver Post (December 26, 2007)

Roadless plan supported  Daily Camera (8/8/07)

Colorado, feds start crafting rules on roadless forest land  Summit Daily News (5/21/07)

Ritter sends roadless petition to Feds  Durango Herald (4/12/07)

Roadless ruling could prevent some gas leases in White River  Aspen Times (September 21, 2006)

Forests again go roadless  Daily Camera (September 20, 2006)

Task force on roadless land wraps up recommendations  Rocky Mountain News (September 12, 2006)

Roadless areas worth saving, panel decides  Denver Post (September 11, 2006)

Officials back roadless areas  Durango Herald (September 8, 2006)

State's roadless areas are still in question  Telluride Daily Planet (September 7, 2006)

Forests placed on road to ruin  Denver Post (August 21, 2006)

Roadless panel may revise plans after hearing  Summit Daily News (August 21, 2006)

Roadless areas leased over protests Rocky Mountain News (August 11, 2006)

Oil, gas leases on block, despite protests Rocky Mountain News (August 10, 2006)

Federal Practical Joke (jpeg) Aspen Times (August 10, 2006)

Ritter calls for interim roadless protections  Rocky Mountain News (August 9, 2006)

Salazar: Roadless protection promise broken  Denver Post (August 8, 2006)

Rec industry joins enviros in gas protest Aspen Daily News (July 26 2006)

As states ponder protection, roadless forests unravel High Country News (July 24 2006)

Roads less traveled?  Aspen Times (July 1, 2006)

Full house rocks roadless meeting Glenwood Springs Post Indepndent (June 22, 2006)

Maintain roadless status to protect forest resources Grand Junction Sentinel (June 22, 2006)

Region rallies for roadless areas  Aspen Times (June 22, 2006)

Groups blast proposed oil, gas leases on roadless forest land Associated Press (June 21, 2006)

Now for sale: Roadless areas  Aspen Times (June 20, 2006)

Roadless areas offered for drilling  Aspen Daily (June 19, 2006)

Colorado outfitters rally to save roadless forest areas  Longmont FYI (June 19, 2006)

Roadless Area Task Force to meet with public  Aspen Times (June 19, 2006)

Area towns in favor of roadless area protection  Glenwood Springs Post Independent (June 19, 2006)

What's best for the land?  Vail Daily (June 18, 2006)

Realtors buy into wilderness protection  Aspen Times (June 16, 2006)

National forest is more useful without roads  Aspen Times (June 11, 2006)

Hikers hit trails for roadless areas  Aspen Daily (June 10, 2006)

Report: Sportsmen an economic boon to West’s wild areas  Grand Junction Sentinel (June 9 , 2006)

DOW chief backs saving roadless areas  Durango Herald (June 2, 2006)

State DOW director stands firm on protection of roadless areas  Grand Junction Sentinel (June 2, 2006)

Seeking the road to compromise  Steamboat Pilot (May 19, 2006)

Pitkin County to sign on to roadless campaign  Aspen Times  (May 10, 2006)

Roadless areas up for adoption  Summit Daily News  (May 2, 2006)

State Task Force Asks For Help With Forest Lands  CBS 4 News  (April 14, 2006)

Roadless task force revising approach  Grand Junction Sentinel  (April 14, 2006)

Recreationists seek roadless protections  Rocky Mountain News  (April 10, 2006)

Roadless Area Protection is Desired, Demanded, and Deserved The New West  (April 4, 2006)

Environmentalists fear for state's roadless areas Aspen Times  (April 1, 2006)

A Plague on All Your Forests  Fly Rod & Reel  (April, 2006)

Roadless areas important, and often misunderstood  Rio Blanco Herald Times  (March 23, 2006)

Roadless rule draws opposing views  Ft. Collins Coloradoan (March 18, 2006)

Students involved in 'roadless' debate  University of Colorado - Denver Advocate  (March 1, 2006)

Hickenlooper defends roadless areas  9News (AP)  (February 24, 2006)

Backcountry skiers rally for roadless review  Ski Press World  (February 23, 2006)

Roadless area part of potential WRNF land sale  Glenwood Springs Post Independent  (February 22, 2006)

Roadless area tug-of-war  Grand Junction Sentinel  (February 20, 2006)

DOW personnel say 'keep it roadless'  Grand Junction Sentinel  (February 20, 2006)

Most favor protecting roadless tracts  Grand Junction Sentinel  (February 10, 2006)

Roadless rage  Colorado Springs Independent  (February 9, 2006)

Group ramps up efforts leading up to roadless areas hearing  Glenwood Springs Post Independent  (February 10, 2006)

Enviros prepare for roadless fight  Aspen Daily News  (February 8, 2006)

State roadless task force gathering input  Salida Mountain Mail  (January 16, 2006)

'Wild Lands' is a boon for locals  Durango Herald  (January 13, 2006)

Bush administration refutes roadless charge  Vail Daily  (January 12, 2006)

2 sides speak at roadless hearing  Pueblo Chieftain  (January 7, 2006)

Roadless task force to focus on conflict analysis  Grand Junction Sentinel  (January 6, 2006)

Roadless areas touted as critical to Colorado  Colorado Springs Gazette  (January 5, 2006)

Wildlife-related activities create $1.4 billion in state  Rocky Mountain News (January 4, 2006)

Trout Unlimited wants roadless areas protected  Pueblo Chieftain  (January 4, 2006)

Hunters, anglers push roadless protection  Summit Daily News  (January 4, 2006)

Roadless forest plans draw crowds -- and lawsuits  Summit Daily News  (December 28, 2005)

Protecting Our Roadless Areas  Denver Post  (December 18, 2005)

Roadless proponents speak out  Grand Junction Sentinel  (December 18, 2005)

Clinton roadless rules are not what's radical  Grand Junction Sentinel  (December 11, 2005)

400 express views on roadless areas in San Juan forest  Durango Herald  (December 11, 2005)

Changes expected for future task force meetings Grand Junction Sentinel  (December 7, 2005)

Task force will ask locals: Which areas should remain roadless?  Durango Herald (December 2, 2005)

Local group opposes opening federal forest  Pueblo Chieftain  (November 18, 2005)

Business alliance backs roadless areas  Denver Post  (November 16, 2005)

Letters to the editor published before June 1, 2008

Public favors roadless status  Denver Post Editorial (March 4, 2006) 

Roadless areas precious  Pueblo Chieftan (January 22, 2006) 

Roadless areas  Pueblo Chieftan (January 18, 2006) 

Keeping forests multiple use will help protect them  Grand Junction Sentinel (December 28, 2005)

Leave areas roadless  Pueblo Chieftain (December 25, 2005) (Scroll towards bottom of page)

Roadless areas serve as reservoirs for clean water  Grand Junction Sentinel (December 19, 2005) 

Roadless Areas  Colorado Springs Gazette (December 17, 2005) 

Resource protection in state thrown for a loss  Denver Post (December 7, 2005) 

Roadless areas vital to Local Hunting  Durango Herald (December 4, 2005) 

Opinion: Roadless rules in Colorado  Grand Junction Free Press  (November 28, 2005)

Help protect the forest  Aspen Times  (November 19, 2005) requires free registration

Roadless Doesn't Mean Off Limits  Glenwood Springs Post Independent (November 19, 2005)

Roadless response in need of specifics Grand Junction Sentinel  (November 18, 2005)


Op-eds published before June 1, 2008

Fight over the Roadless Area rule in national forests is purposeless  Seattle Post-Intelligencer (1/22/08)

No retreat on wild lands   Rocky Mountain News (2/13/07)

An endless journey  Denver Post (October 14, 2006)

Roadless traveled  Daily Camera (September 21, 2006)

Act now before roadless areas perform disappearing act  Rocky Mountain News (August 16, 2006)

Roadless area land rush can be headed off by guv  Grand Junction Sentinel (August 14, 2006)

Bumps still in store, but roadless is the way  Denver Post (June 26, 2006)

Maintain roadless status to protect forest resources  Grand Junction Sentinel (June 22, 2006) 

Dentry: Outfitters lobby to keep roadless areas abundant  Rocky Mountain News (June 21, 2006) 

Why sell roadless areas before public gets its say?  Aspen Times (June 21, 2006) 

Consider the road not traveled  Aspen Times (May 29, 2006) 

John Spezia: Roads or not?  Steamboat Pilot Editorial (May 10, 2006) 

Solutions will drive roadless area decisions  Ft. Collins Coloradoan Editorial (April 17, 2006) 

Roadless areas get mayor's push  Charlie Meyers Op-Ed, Denver Post (February 26, 2006) 

Task force quietly waits for public to speak out  Ed Dentry Op-Ed, Rocky Mountain News  (February 21, 2006) 

Stakes grow higher in roadless forest review  Grand Junction Sentinel Editorial  (February 20, 2006) 

Roads vs. wilds issue has motors revved  Charlie Meyers Op-Ed, Denver Post (February 8, 2006) 

There's room for many uses in national forests  Michael Saul Guest Commentary, Denver Post (January 20, 2006) 

Roadless areas vital to hunting  Mike Murphy and Dennis Buechler Op-Ed, Aspen Times (January 19, 2006) 


Press Releases published before June 1, 2008

Roadless Rulemaking Begins for National Forests in Colorado United States Forest Service (09/5/07)

Response from Undersecretary Rey to Gov. Ritter about Colorado Inventoried Roadless Areas 2007 Petition (04/27/07)

Letter from Gov. Ritter to Undersecretary Rey about Colorado Inventoried Roadless Areas 2007 Petition (04/11/07)

Ritter calls for interim roadless protections (08/09/06)

Congressman Salazar calls for delay on oil and gas leasing on National Forest roadless lands (08/07/06)

Colorado Outfitters United for Roadless Area Protection (06/14/06)   read the letter

Feds Rebuked For Proposed Projects In Colorado’s Roadless Areas (04/30/06)

Backcountry recreationists: the face of Colorado's roadless areas (04/10/06)

Over 250,000 Petition Forest Service to Reinstate Forest Protections (03/02/06)

Coloradans overwhelmingly ask Roadless Areas Review Task Force to protect National Forests (02/10/06)   more info

Environment Colorado commends Virginia Governor Mark Warner for setting precedent... (12/22/05)

Local Forests Valued by Broad Community (12/28/05)