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Updated Comments Summary August 2006:

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Updated Comments Summary 7/18/2006:

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Updated Comments Summary 4/11/2006:
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Coloradans overwhelmingly ask Roadless Areas Review Task Force to protect National Forests
Denver - Coloradans strongly support continued protection of the state's National Forest lands, based on an overwhelming majority of the comments submitted to date to the Colorado Roadless Areas Review Task Force.

Of the 491 comments submitted to the Task Force that specifically make roadless area management recommendations, more than 80% favor continued roadless area protection. Top reasons cited for wanting to keep Colorado’s backcountry forests as they are include damage of new road construction to habitat, wildlife, and watersheds and enjoyment of natural places to recreate. These recent comments echo the more than 96,000 comments submitted over the past five years by Coloradans supporting roadless area protection.


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