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Public Meeting Testimony
Testimony submitted from Coloradans and Colorado organizations on roadless area protection to the Roadless Areas Review Task Force:

Statement of Jerry Mallett (pdf)
County Commissioner, District 2, Chaffee County, CO
Testimony submitted at Task Force public meeting on 1/6 in Pueblo, CO

Colorado’s watersheds are beyond priceless! And those under discussion today began in the roadless areas of the Pike and San Isabel National Forests. There are hundreds of high mountain lakes and thousands of high quality streams that do have their source in these roadless areas. It is a well-known fact that a stream or river is no better than its headwater source.


Outdoor Industry Association (pdf)
Presentation to the Colorado Roadless Areas Review Task Force at the public meeting on 2/24 in Denver, CO

More and more, Colorado's economy is dependent on the educated workforce which chooses to live here for the high quality of life, including the scenery and outdoor recreation opportunities public lands provide.


The Nature Conservancy (pdf)
Testimony submitted at Task Force public meeting on 2/24 in Denver, CO

Because of both the ecological significance of areas without roads and the lasting “domino effects” that roads can have on forest health, maintaining areas without roads is crucial to supporting the full suite of plants and animals that help keep our forests healthy.


Colorado Division of Wildlife (link to report on CDOW web site)
executive summary (pdf)
Report submitted to Task Force in February is the consensus opinion based on science, local expertise and sound knowledge that all Inventoried Roadless Areas in Colorado should be protected, preserved, enhanced, managed and maintained in a manner that provides the maximum benefit for wildlife and wildlife habitat, and that in-turn can then provide significant return benefits to local and distant citizens and to forest visitors.




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Public Meeting Testimony


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