The rules of three-card poker

The second name by which three-card poker is known is poker for lazybones. Only when you first become familiar with the rules, you might get the impression that it’s hard to figure out, but that’s a total misconception. It doesn’t take much effort to figure out how to play three card poker.

The basics rules of 3-card poker

The number of participants involved in the game can vary from 1 to 6 people. The reason for this is the limited number of boxes. There are also 6 of them. A poker player is allowed to play multiple boxes at a time, as long as he is the only player at the table. It is allowed to participate in the competition on all lines in the open. Contributions for each box may differ from each other.

In order to grasp and understand, you can consider an example of the game in one line, and already being at the gaming table, it is not difficult to quickly orient and start playing several positions at once.

The Basic Rules of Three Card Poker

Deal is handed out by the dealer. He distributes the cards between him and the participant in 3 pieces each. From that moment, the poker player has the opportunity to familiarize himself with the set of cards he has received. According to the rules of this contest, there is a chance to collect the following poker combinations, which can become winning:

  • The minimum game is a queen;
  • A pair of cards of the same rank (two eights, for example);
  • flush;
  • straight in poker;
  • a square – three cards of the same rank;
  • straight flush.
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Three-card poker does not provide a combination of Royal Flush. All combinations are arranged in ascending order. The moment the game starts, the player contributes a chip to the ante in poker.

What do I need to know about betting?

To understand how to play three-card poker in the casino, it is important to delve into the process of making contributions. Ante is the initial bet required to get the contest started.

Ante Bonus – A bonus contribution, which, if desired, is made by the participant in order to capture additional winnings in conditions when he or she has a straight, square or straight-flush hand. This contribution is made prior to the hand, as is the initial ante. When competing in casino games, it is possible to win:

  • At a straight, 1:1;
  • With a square, it’s 3:1;
  • At a straight flush, 4:1.

Pair “plus” is a bonus bet, which is paid if the poker player has a set of pair or a combination higher. And this type of bet is made before the hand. What can a poker player count on? Pair plus is paid as follows:

  • Pair – 1:1;
  • flush – 4:1; flush – 4:1;
  • A straight – 5:1; a flush – 4:1; a straight – 5:1; a flush – 5:1;
  • a carre – 20:1; a straight flush – 40:1; a straight – 5:1;
  • straight flush – 40:1.

There is one more point that cannot be left unnoticed. The poker player only has the option of paying a pair plus. In such a situation, the dealer deals the cards, and then checks what fell out. If the player got a set of pair or a combination of older, then the bonus is rewarded according to the established scheme, and the cards are taken away. If the hand is less than a pair, the bet goes to the capital of the casino, and the next deal starts.

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