Install the exciting free slots Wheel of Fortune app on your phone

Many viewers in America have long been familiar with the popular free slots Wheel of Fortune television game show, which was created by Merv Griffin back in 1975. This spectacular performance is a fascinating entertainment program in which contests are held, where participants have the opportunity to solve puzzles with words to further win money and special prizes. So check best online slots australia.

This project is owned by Sony Pictures and to date it has become available to many fans of gambling entertainment to play on their mobile devices in the form of a wonderful Wheel of Fortune app.

Now players have the opportunity to spend time playing the game on their iPhone, iPad or Android phone. Moreover, they can take part in solving up to 4000 different interesting puzzles, compete with their friends, loved ones and even with users from all over the world.

If the players are regular participants in the entertainment, then over time, everyone can count on them to become noticed and get on global leaderboards, after which they will receive pleasant exclusive prizes. Well, if someone wants to read the answers to their most intimate questions, then the Wheel of Fortune app answers can easily solve any problem.

Functional features of free slots Wheel of Fortune app

All interested players who are not afraid to download and install this exciting Wheel of Fortune game app on their mobile phone will soon be able to positively evaluate the following features of the program:

  • Players are provided with thousands of official puzzles that they are used to seeing on TV screens. Puzzles can be solved in classic and fast modes, and their range is constantly updated;
  • The fascinating Wheel of Fortune app has profitable bonus rounds with large sets of letters, giving you the opportunity to win a major grand prize;
  • Here everyone has access to interesting tournaments and multiplayer games where you can challenge a huge number of other players;
  • Assignments on a wide variety of topics related to New York, Paris, Tokyo and Hollywood;
  • Users can create puzzles themselves and interact perfectly with other players;
  • There is a special VIP subscription with a jackpot, as well as the opportunity to try its free trial.

So by installing the game on a smartphone, a person provides himself with the opportunity to participate in a popular show at any suitable time and wherever he is.

Entertainment range Wheel of Fortune app

After the image of the installed game appears on the phone screen, to start it, you need to click on the button «Small», «Medium», «Big» or «PLAY GAME» under the picture. The rules here are the same as in the TV show. Next, select the task category and start the wheel.

By playing in this way on his device, a person can have fun, new knowledge, as well as the following wins:

  1. Prizes and gifts with a gift card.
  2. Collect two halves of a car card and receive a car as a gift.
  3. One million dollars during the bonus game.
  4. Wild Card makes it possible to call the 4th consonant or guess an additional letter.
  5. Mystery Wedge is a good chance to get $ 10,000.
  6. Express Wedge allows you to win $ 1,000 in the game for each consonant.

For all these prizes to become the property of the players, they need to spend a few minutes to install the Wheel of Fortune app.

The order of the game on the Android operating system

In order to find the free slots Wheel of Fortune game app, you need to go to the Google Play website. You can download it here for free. By opening the program on the phone, you can see a trial test of the game, as well as familiarize yourself with the rules and the operation of the interface.

Then you can start the wheel and guess letters or solve other tasks. Having guessed three consonants and one vowel within a minute, the player will receive permission for the bonus round, by winning which he will get a box with souvenirs. This prize will open the way to the next location.

Wheel of Fortune app on the IOS

To install the Wheel of Fortune app on your iPhone or iPad, you must log in to the App Store, where it is also free. Further actions are the same as described above. Now the players have access to a very exciting and instructive television show with excellent winnings and gifts.

Be careful and take the risks of the game with responsibility. If you are familiar with addiction, please contact :

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